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UBSplus® Utility Billing Software
About  UBSplus® Utility Billing Software
The  UBSplus® Utility Billing Software was written specifically for the Utility Industry in order to simplify your customer care, billing, and payment collection processes. Originally written in 1984,  UBSplus® Utility Billing Software is continuously being enhanced to accommodate your growing water, sewer, electric, gas, garbage, and other billing needs.

Payment Collection and Adjustments
With UBSplus® Utility Billing Software, your payments, adjustments, and miscellaneous charges are posted in real time to your customers’ accounts. A special “Print Cash Receipts” option allows for “cash register” style payment entry for front window or drive-through payment collection. “Print Cash Receipts” option calculates change and prints receipts to a receipt printer. A useful “Find” option allows you to search for customer accounts by account number, last name, first name, phone number, social security number, and even zip code. If your account numbers are bar coded on your customer bills you can dramatically speed the payment entry process by using our Auto Sensing Barcode Scanner. Several reports are available to you from the Payment Reports section that allow proper auditing of money received and adjustments made to your customer accounts.

Customer Care and Entry
Your customers’ complete physical and financial information is at your fingertips in the Customer Inquiry screen. Edit customer information and print complete Financial or Reading history. Add new customers, properties, services, and deposits with ease.

Bill Preparation
Through UBSplus® Utility Billing Software, you can enter meter readings from your meter reading worksheet Manually, Consecutively, or import them directly from your Honeywell Dolphin 70e Handheld. You can also import/export route info and meter readings to and from a number of other AMR Providers. Once your meter readings are entered you can generate a number of “Proofing” reports to quickly zero in on problems and correct them before a single bill is printed. Print your bills on postcards, 8.5”X11” statements, or generate an electronic bill file and have us print and mail them for you.

Generate “Auditor Friendly” reports from your standard reports in UBSplus® Utility Billing Software, such as Trial Balance, Past Due List, Accounts Not Billed, Deposit List and Accrued Interest or create your own reports using the Report Writer, one of the most powerful managerial tools in  UBSplus® Utility Billing Software!

The Controls Menu enables you to configure your utility billing requirements within UBSplus® Utility Billing Software, such as your utility information, rate codes, employee passwords and access levels, plus much more!

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UBSplus®  Utility Billing Software Login Screen

UBSplus®  Utility Billing Software Main Menu Screen

UBSplus®  Utility Billing Software Customer Inquiry Screen

UBSplus®  Utility Billing Software Payment Entry Screen

UBSplus®  Utility Billing Software Meter Reading Entry Screen

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           UBSplus® Utility Billing Software            Points of Interest

  • Microsoft® Windows® Based GUI Utility Billing Software

  • Number of Services Billed Limited Only to PC

  • 10,000 User Defined Rate Tables for Metered and Non-metered Services

  • Post Card or Statement Bills Printed
    Bill Printing Service Available for UBSplus® Utility Billing Software

  • Compute Tax/Penalty (fixed or percent)

  • Provide Customers with Payment Plans

  • Track Property Owner Information

  • Generate Customer Deposit Report

  • Complete Financial History

  • Real Time Payment Entry Posting

  • Integrates with Barcode Scanner to Speed Payment Entry

  • Payment Register by Date Range

  • Miscellaneous Payment Entry Available for UBSplus® Utility Billing Software

  • Print Payment Receipts

  • Generate Custom Reports with Report Writer directly within UBSplus® Utility Billing Software

  • Prints Past Due List & Notices

  • Numerous Meter Reading Entry Styles

  • Honeywell Dolphin 70e Handheld Meter Reading

  • Prints Several Audit Reports

  • Trial Balance with Aging

  • Multi-Level Password Protection when logging into UBSplus® Utility Billing Software

  • Generates Graphs & Charts

  • Estimated Bill Calculation 

  • Prints Consumption Audit

  • Completely Menu Driven with a Max of Only Three Levels of “Drill-Down” to your Data.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10

  • Network Ready

And Much More!


Microsoft® Windows® 10 required.


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